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I bought U-Haul boxes online and they did not show up for my move. So I had to buy boxes twice for my move and U-haul is not refunding my money on the boxes that NEVER showed up.

U-haul has a double box billing scam. I have used U-haul for over 20 year in my professional career that move ever two three years. I will never use U-Haul again.

There customer service was a joke and waste of time. But I still have their truck and 600 miles to drive it. Sucks to be U-Haul I think.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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Another case of someone complaining and not giving enough info.

Many problems come from customers who just click and don't bother reading. Did your order confirm that they were to be shipped to your home, or were you supposed to pick them up at a U-Haul store?

In any case, the only way to get your money back is to find out which U-Haul store the boxes were to come from and pin down the manager until you get a refund. You cannot deal with the coporate office because U-haul is built like a loop with no head. For ANY problem with U-Haul you have to find the store responsible and make them take ownership fo the problem.


I have the worst experience with U-Haul. Despite having paid in full, they messed up my billing and sent it to collection.

I spent days on the phone with them getting transferred from one department to another. no ones seems to know what the *** happened. UGH!!!!! Worst customer service ever.

So unprofessional and disorganized. I will never use UHAUL again EVER


I ran into a similar problem from U haul. So, instead I went to their U Haul Boxes Exchange Forum and met someone from my area who was selling their old u haul boxes and saved a bunch of dough.

I don't appreciate how u haul sells new boxes as I like to recycle, but this forum on their website was great. This website

Variety of U Haul Boxes For Sale


T. Nicholson, sounds like you work for U-Haul. From what I've read, and with over a decade of experience, U-Haul makes lots of mistakes but never owns up to any of them.

I want to point out that the U-Haul CSR said the boxes could have been sent to "a" U-Haul center, which is a subtle way of saying they could have been sent to the wrong center. As for UPS or Fed Ex messing up, I highly doubt this. These companies have good tracking systems and are known as reliable services.

U-Haul once ripped me off 50 bucks because I reserved a truck that never came, and then wasn't even given the option to pick it up anywhere else. This was after getting the confirmation call that my truck would be there the next day, waiting. When it wasn't there the U-Haul rep was a total ***. This was in Ohio, in 2000.

In 2007, in Chicago, my friend rented a truck for his local move. We went to pick up the truck, were ten minutes early, and the U-Haul people said we were lucky they had a truck since we came so late. Ridiculous. Then they tried to double-charge my friend for his furniture pads. The company is lucky it offers more services than its competitors, or else they would be out of service.


It is possible that your order was sent to a U-Haul center. I know that we ship orders to both customers homes and the center for pick up.


Should uhaul pay you for merchandise lost in transit? Sounds like you have a problem with UPS/FED EX. But maybe thats UHAUL'S fault too!