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So, the hubby and I are in need of a pick-up truck to bring our sparking new washer/dryer combo back to our new home.

We only have 2 cars (and they won't fit into the back of a Camry) so we need only a pick-up truck to do it. I wanted to know if our local U-Haul rented pick up trucks (it didn't tell me online) so I called them. I was transferred to their national line. I should have hung up the phone right then.

I asked the CSR if my local location (Hamilton, OH) rented pick-up trucks. She replied yes and then proceeded to ask for my name and phone number. Exactly why they needed this information I'm not sure, but okay, she got it. She told me that they did rent pick-up trucks and then without giving me a chance to ask any other pertinent information about the rental, she proceeded to try to push off their 10' box truck on me. Remember I'm hauling a washer and dryer, NOT an apartment. I told her this again and asked her how much to rent a pick-up she tells me that the TEN FOOT TRUCK is $19.95!

I tell her AGAIN that I'm looking specifically for the pick-up truck, that I do not need a 10' foot truck. She acknowledges this fact and goes into her computer and says "the 14' truck is available on the date you need." WHAT!???? HOW IN THE *** DID I GO FROM PICK-UP TRUCK TO A 14' TRUCK??? I said to her once again that I need a pick-up truck for a washer/dryer move and to give me the first available date that one would be available. She spends a couple more seconds on her computer and then comes back with "I've checked all the way through the 19th of August and nothing is available. But, like I said there is a 10' truck available on the date you need. Would you like me to set that up for you?" I told her that I would talk to my hubby and see what he wanted to do and that if he decided that a 10' truck was good then I would either call back or just go online. She got super cold then and said "mmhmm go ahead and talk to your husband but you'd better hurry." and then she hung up on me!

Rest assured, U-Haul that you have lost a long-time loyal customer. I have never, ever had such terrible customer service from a company ever. Not only was she unhelpful but she was rude and those are two things that lose you customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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It is very difficult to get a pick up truck as only full service shops(uhaul owned) have them. Even the larger shops usually only have 1.

The small 10' box trucks fill up fast I have seen them rent out 2-3 times a day. Instead of telling you no a lot of times they will give you a larger vehicle at the same price just to get you into a vehicle.


And they actually had a $19.95 truck available? Not here.

I wanted one nd they told me they were all out for the day. Then I asked about tomorrow: all out. Next week: all out.

2 weeks: all out.

This is just a 'bait and switch' company.