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This is by far the worst experience ever for a move. I have moved 39 times in 15 years, i'm good at it.

But with u-haul I have yet to receive my goods at this end, and it has been the most hassle (still is). From the pod not brought to me by u-haul's own 3rd party recommended deliverer/loader to the fact that it's almost 30 days now & i have yet to receive the pod (supposedly delivered to your pickup location within 10 days according to u-hauls SLA), to few people from u-haul corporate ever returning calls when i have tried to find out status of my shipment since pickup date of 19 march, to mgrs who cannot be reached, to mgrs who have 'no authority'... It's now the 18th of April, i have no belongings here, no pod and no satisfaction after filing the initial complaint to them and giving them a chance to reply. instead they have at least once, reset the date of the complaint to keep it in a staus of 'in review' which means they don't have to reply ...

if you use u-haul pod services for your move, good luck. i've filed with the bbb at this point as well as on yelp and here, and i am considering legal action to retrieve a refund for goods and services not delivered and for the down time i've spent chasing my belongings.

Monetary Loss: $865.

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I will never use a ubox again. It was super cheap, but that is the only plus, and, as cheap as I am, it wasn't even worth the savings.

Their 10-day delivery time is by no means a guarantee, its just a supposed timeline. Uhaul uses a 3rd party to move the boxes. They have no tracking system. All they can do is tell you what day your box left.

Mine was late but we didn't need it for about 20 days. A few days before the day we needed it, we called to ask if the ubox was there. Nope. When we asked if it would be there on time, they said definitely.

Well, it wasn't. It did end up coming a few days after we needed it, and they did deliver it to our house for free and take it away when we were done for free, which was nice. We had a few things break, including our desk...

SO, I will definitely shell out more next time for an easier, quicker, better guaranteed move.


I would never recommend U-Box to anyone! What a pain in the butt!

Not worth the frustration! Go with PODS.

Good Luck!


Service was so awful but you still called and got additional quote to move the rest of your items with this company???? Go figure that says alot.


Same Here.... I am now on day 30 AFTER the 10 day estimated time with no real resolution other then some $50 *** uhaul credit...

They are basicly telling me that my dead father's art and records are not even worth a half off refund...

$1200 bucks down the tube. I'm a 37 year old man with a wife and son of my own and just typing this up has my tearing up.


U-Haul Ubox service needs improvement. I have also moved several times across country, and decided to use U-Haul's Ubox service. However, after receiving poor customer service and their staff's lack of knowledge, I will not be using U-Haul Ubox and am now using an alternative, professional, reliable company instead.

There is a separate customer service department for the Ubox, which means a handful of staff understand the Ubox procedure. The U-Haul staff at local U-Haul locations do not have a solid understanding of the U-Haul Ubox procedure and are who you have to work with to schedule the drop off and pick up of the Ubox.

U-Haul should consider streamlining their Ubox procedure so there is only one department and one phone number needed for customer service and/or train staff members at local U-haul locations with the Ubox procedure. Relocation is a stressful time, and U-Haul Ubox only increases the amount of stress you will experience.


NEVER use UBOX. Heed this WARNING.

Customer service is inept, unwilling to help and uncaring. Been passed around from manager to manager with NO RESOLUTION.

Still don't have my stuff. NIGHTMARE!


If you have moved 39 times in 15 years,it seems as if you have the problem,not UHaul.

@39 X IN 15 YEARS??

Some of us are military and have no choice! What a ***!


Its a UHaul employee...