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I originally set up a reservation on June 3, 2013 for 3 U-Boxes to be packed around 6/15/2013 and delivered to Illinois from South Carolina by 7/1/2013. I finalized my packing date for 6/19/2013 and wanted the boxes in Illinois by 7/1/2013 to further set a specific delivery date and time. After I packed my boxes, my original reservation was lost and I was called to re-book my reservation. It took two days for U-Haul to call me back, even after my attempts to contact. The "second" reservation was quoted at $300+ than the original. As I stated on my original reservation multiple times, I restated during the "second" reservation that I wanted my boxes delivered to my house in Macomb. I was quoted a price each time that would get my boxes there (turns out, not true).

On June 28, 2013, I began contacting U-Haul to locate my boxes to make sure everything was running according to schedule. Five times that I tried to call the original location, I was pushed through to a call center. Each time, I left request to be contacted immediately. Finally, on June 29, 2013, after 4 more attempts, I reached a person/manager at the original location in Columbia, SC. (Of course, this was after I requested the regional manager to call me and he still HAS NOT called). After talking with Troy (local manager), I was told my boxes had NOT left SC, but I had an 11-day window which ran out on July 2, 2013. I was originally told on BOTH reservations it would take 9 days. I requested a "red flag" on my account in order to be contacted AS SOON AS my boxes arrived in Illinois at the holding facility.

My boxes did not arrive in Illinois until July 3, 2013 (12 days)and I had to contact the location (after 3 attempts to call)to find out they had actually arrived. With the holiday approaching, I wanted to make sure I was able to set up the final delivery to my house.

I did no get in contact with Illinois Regional U-Box rep (Raegan) until July 4, 2013 (oh yeah, at least 5 call requests were placed over the two days. Never was called back, he finally answered). I told him I wanted my boxes delivered on Friday (next day) by 10:00. He said noon was the earliest bc the boxes were being stored in a location 2 hours from his store and then it was another 2 hours to my location. He also stated the boxes should have been sent to his location instead of the storage facility in Peoria (whoops! way to go U-Haul).

In addition, I was also informed it would cost ANOTHER $450+ on top of my other charges to have the boxes delivered. I said I was NOT paying that, and why was I quoted an amount to Macomb, IL if that is in fact not where they intended to ship them to? They have charged me that amount without my approval. The boxes were delivered (safely), but I am still TRYING to contact someone with U-Haul to have these charges dealt with, but of course, NO ONE WILL RETURN A PHONE CALL.

My biggest question is, why have a call center, the ability to place call requests and no one will EVER call you back?? Horrible customer service, horrible follow through and I will NEVER use U-Haul again.

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