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To start, the location has to get better about servicing their vehicles. The location, U-Haul Corporate and Road side service provided some of the worst service I have received in my life.

I had the fuel fail on me in the middle of the high way where the vehicle shut down with cars and trucks whizzing at 70 mph + around me. The truck put my myself and my family in jeopardy and I was amazed at how little they cared about my well being and felt that a 20% discount on a failed truck was enough value for the danger that they put me in. After almost 10+ hours of phone calls where the whole company is so disconnected and mismanaged where the right hand does not know what the left is doing. They felt that they would rather save themselves a few hundred dollars even after they put me at risk.

I urge any and all customers to explore other options besides uhaul and I promise you do not go based on value since your life and that of your family is worth paying the extra dollars or even professional movers. This location has the worst management and I can guarantee you it will take over 10+ calls before you actually get a manager at the location - before you rent from here put that to the test. If that is not the testament of failed service I can assure you it only gets worse from there.

Welcome to a company that does not know what a BRAND means.

So after carefully maneuvering my vehicle after it shut it down in the middle of a highway I call Emergency Road Side assistance. After going through over 6-7 reps who could not even locate my whereabouts. Here is the kicker, I tell the rep I could send her my geographic location coordinates and she said that she had no way to received it (email anyone??). So they finally put me in touch with a towing company that was 40 miles away from my location (side note - I was 27 miles to downtown boston).

I had one guy who showed up 2.5 hrs into it and diagnosed the vehicle and said that it was a faulty fuel pump. So he leaves and goes on to say that he had no one who could help and that someone would get in touch to tow the vehicle. After about three additional hours on the side of the highway I finally get towed. That experience was an essay in itself and since I am commenting on the roadside assistance I will keep focus on that.

So as I was talking to road side assistance they kept putting me through to customer service to help - both parties faulted each other on what the next steps were and in essence left me high and dry. I also had reps empathize with my situation by even suggesting a full refund.

However, even after I told the team that assesses refunds to listen to the recorded calls and even named some of the reps they blatantly lied to me and said that they heard no such thing. Please do yourself a favor and pay the additional fee to guarantee that your move goes smoothly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Roadside Assistance.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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