Issaquah, Washington

Used at two different locations, customer service was awful both times. The stinger was when I got a late notice as well as my mother...I got a call after I rented a 26' truck for a free month of storage.

The woman set me up in a room in Seattle and when I got there, no one had any idea what I was talking about. So they set me up in a different room. Fast forward three weeks, I'm emptying my unit well before due date, check out, take my receipt and leave. A month later I'm getting late notices, I call after receiving the first one and she says not to worry about it because it shows I'm checked out.

I keep getting late notices, this time with a room number so I call again and explain again that they made a mistake. Sure enough, she finds I'm renting a different room and tells me she'll remove the charges and check me out. That was a week ago and today my mother received a late notice for the same room just for being my contact person. This company is so unorganized in every way, I don't think they are corporate run anymore.

I would never recommend this company to anyone. Don't even get me going on what I ended up paying for my truck.

Monetary Loss: $189.

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