Spring, Texas

they won't let u use a ford explorer with 4wd and a towing package, rent a trailer (and they won't even tell u why!?) seriously they need to work on their customer service, isn't the customer the one thats supposed to be right? aren't we the one's they are trying to please, not vic-versa (and whats even more rediculous is i am having to type more (so i have 100 words) to match their dumb cumstomer complaint guidelines, can't a person just complain in their own words (no matter how many is takes?).

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Ford makes several Explorer models, under Ford, Mercury and Lincoln, and the only one that they will not rent to is an Explorer, even though they are all the same vehicle. U-Haul will sent to an Explorer Sport-Trak. I can even put a trailer on a Toyota Prius, but not an Explorer.

To be fare, they did offer to give me a 10% discount if I wanted to rent a U-Haul truck and a car hauler for the explorer. When they told me that the charge would on be $2200 plus tax instead of the trailer rate of $652 for the trip, I was so relieved by their offer; and the fact that I found a coupon on the internet for the same discount, that I fell off my seat.

U-Haul reminded me that it was their company and they had the right to run it the way they wanted. I reminded them that it was MY money and I could spend it the way I wanted. I asked the President to call me back, but explained that he probably did not have the backbone to do it.

I will buy a trailer before I will ever allow this discriminatory company to benefit from my money again.

Funny they also suggested that I buy a different car for the rental, so it would seem that they do not like Ford Explorers and recommend that people sell them. Their name could be U-Haul-Us.


You are so lucky you didn't rent a trailer from uhaul!! The trailer they gave me started on fire less than a hundred miles out,the wheel bearings weren't checked even though I told them it was going on a 2k journey.

Smoke started pouring out and the best part is that this was a car trailer and I had my custom guitars with and in the trunk some bullets for my 44 mag. The car was tied down with chains and the lock was near where the fire was so I couldn't get at it. A couple truckers attempted to put out the flames with fire ex. with no success because it was a grease fire and so hot.

We finally put it out by dumping water on it. We had to leave the trailer and drive the car to AZ only to have the Uhaul truck we rented break down with steel belts showing on the front tires and poor brakes.

I got into a major argument with them about replacing the tires. My advise to everyone is to stay far away from Uhaul...This was several years ago but something you never forget....javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


You do know that the Ford Explorers have a super high tip rating right? Of course you've read countless stories of people in Ford Explorers tipping over while towing trailers....


Oh I guess Ford didn't tell you that when you bought it.... I wonder why they would do such a thing....?


It's the Firestone tire issue from a few years back...That's why they wont rent to us.


Um, I think maybe they are afraid you going to go off roading with their equipment. grin. :zzz :roll