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My boyfriend and I went to u-haul in Corvallis Oregon one month ago to reserve a 5x8 trailer one way to california. We reserved it 31 days in advance. Now my boyfriend has a lifted truck so he knew that it would perhaps be a problem and he would need a hitch adapter, so he asked the guy working our reservation what he needed, the guy went outside, glanced at the bumper and said..oh you dont need anything youll be fine(he did this with out measuring or anything just a quick glance). so we reserve the trailer. now skip forward 30 days, we get the usual call about what time to pick it up and where. so then on our scheduled pick up day we are there we have trailer in sight, and so they go to hook it up and theres a different guy from before and he says, oh thats too tall, you need a 300 dollar that makes me mad because it would have been cheaper to have gotten a truck, and had someone fly up here to drive the truck down for us, and then we could have kept our furniture.

so anyways we really have no option since we already had everything set up to move the next day so we had to get the hitch. and then it turns out they dont even have the part! so then they say well we have to charge you 177 dollars for next day delivery. I honestly dont feel that we should be paying any kind of delivery charge since they were the ones that screwed up in the first place. so at this point we are just up against a wall so instead of paying 900 dollars for rent to stay 2 days more in our house we opt for the next day delivery. so next day rolls around u-haul calls and apparently "fed ex didn't pick up the package" (in other words someone at uhaul didnt give fedex the package) so the part wont be in until the NEXT day. so now we have to pay rent or move everything we own out onto the curb and sleep in our cars for the night. so then i ask well how much will the delivery charge be discounted now,and the man said..oh we still charge you next day! then i say i want to talk to the manager, but instead the same guy works as the middle man and gives me a 50 dollar discount. that is the most insulting thing! i give the phone to my boyfriend because im so irritated, and then he gets them to *** an additional 50 dollars, so now we are down to 80 dollars for the delivery but uhaul is acting like its coming out of their grandmothers funeral fund.

I will NEVER EVER EVER use Uhaul again, and if this hitch they are installing onto his truck says uhaul anywhere on it, Im scratching it off right there in their parking lot using the teeth i knock out of their skulls.

we called the customer service number and are still waiting on a reply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

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commen sence sais if u have a lifted truck u need an adapter