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Where do I start? Back in June I made an appointment with UHaul to install a hitch on my NEW BMW X1 SUV!

That alone was my first mistake! The day before install I received a call telling me that the hitch installer had to return to his COUNTRY and they had to cancel my appointment. I asked what was going to be done and the gentleman on the Uhaul line told me to go to another Uhaul dealer? **THIS DEALER CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD FOR AN INSTALLATION THAT THEY CANCELLED!!

With that I called around and found another dealer and set the appointment, again I clarified that the CORRECT parts would be ordered and the response was “SURE”! Soon after I received another call telling me my scheduled appointment had to be cancelled and yet again another dealer would be doing the install. I finally arrived at my scheduled time, gave the keys to the associate and waited 2.5 hours to only be told that they ordered the incorrect parts!?!? I called UHaul Customer Service and again validated that these issues were documented amd assured a MANAGER would be contacting me asap!

In the mean time we were moving from Northern VA to Florida and without the hitch our moving plans had to be juggled once again. The Customer Service rep was gracious enough to set up an appointment 1000 miles away at a Uhaul dealer in New Port Richey Florida soon after our arrival. (Weeks later and several callls still no contact from UHAUL MANAGEMENT AT THE DISTRICT/CORPORATE LEVEL)?!? I arrive for my appointment and drop the keys and the process begins....HOURS later the installer is still trying to figure out how to wire my now 4 month old BMW X1?!?!

I proceed to the garage area to find my vehicle torn apart and wires hanging and dangling everywhere and MUSIC blaring to the point of disbelief?!?! I asked the installer what was happening and he was at a loss?!?! At this point it has been several hours, my wife had to get to an appointment and she took a UBBER home ($40.00). I rolled up my sleeves and had to step in, I observed the lights dangling against my clear coat paint scraping lines in the paint down to the meta on the vehicle and bumper?!?!

I continued to assist the installer for at least an hour or more until we validated the lights worked safely and I was able to see that the parts were reinstalled (he did not secure a few screws on the undercarriage heat shield and I had to have the BMW Dealer secure them at a later date at my cost). I could not run fast enough out of this Uhaul location (REMEMEBER THE ORIGINAL DEALER WHO CANCELLED MY INSTALL ALREADY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD AND NO ONE FROM UHAUL CUSTOMER SERVICE COULD REFUND MY ACCOUNT)!! So.....I didn’t learn my lesson after all of that and still no contact from Management I researched top rated Uhaul Installers near me and scheduled yet another vehicle of mine for a Hitch and Wiring.....I arrived yeaterday for my scheduled 9 am appointment and the hitch “OWNER” tells me yet again he did not know he had any appointments, after I show him my reservation printout he mysteriously finds me in the computer BUT the wiring harness was not available?!?! He tells me that FED X should deliver it today and I could come back later?!?!

I told him to contact me when and if it arrives. Hours later in the day the dealer phoned me thatbthe part arrived and could do the job. At this late notice I schedule for the next day when they had an appointment and it was set for 12:30 (Saturday 9/15/2018). I arrive at 12:15 and the hitch installer greets me by telling me he arrived late to work and was at least an hour behind.

I was waiting for the install as I had no ride home. I went for a walk and a hair cut and coffee and upon my return I asked the associate if I needed to ourchase a mounting bracket or did the wiring kit come with one? He was startled by my question and had to refer to the installer....minutes later he returned and told me they did not know but I would have to install it, it seemed quite simple to him?!?! Soon after the installer approached me with yet another dilemma...he could not figure out where the quick connect was located on my 2007 Hummer H3?

He called around and no one could help? He asked if hardwiring was ok? I was stumped, I know nothing about wiring a hitch?!?! I agreed and asked about the difference in price from quick connect to hard wire?

He says I paid about $69 for quick connect and hard wire is about $49 a difference of $20 dollars? He said he was going to go pull the rear lights and begin wiring from back to front (battery). I called UHAUL CUSTOMER SERVICE again and documented yet another complaint and again was told a Manager would be in contact with me within 3-5 days!

This is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had both with the service rendered and the Customer Service after the fact! What do I need to do to get a call back and a resolve to my CONTINUED awful experience with UHAUL?

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Car Part Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We were traveling through Atlanta when our hitch tongue decided to fall off. We are going to contact an attorneys