Boulder, Colorado

We loaded all of our possessions into a Ubox for storage. When we came back, they couldn't find out Ubox!

How can you lose a storage container? They will not even apologize for ruining our life by losing everything we have worked for. No one from customer service will help, they just keep transferring from one rep to another. I have been on the phone for weeks now.

There is no corporate accountability for the locations. PLEASE DO NOT USE UHAUL! They do not care about their customers. WATCH OUT FOR UHAUL!

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Im just trying to prevent the same thing from happening to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Wow, I actually had the same problem in Littleton, but they moved my box to Colorado Springs for no reason. The only reason I knew it was there was because I paid my bill 2 days late and they emailed me from Colorado Springs.

If that hadn't happened I would have never known it was moved! On the phone all day with haul and finally got a call back from someone who actually said it was their fault.

I am demanding them to ship it to me in Ca at there cost, its the least they can do! :(


That is HORRIBLE. The customer service was so bad i simply cancelled our UBox and now I think I dodged a bullet!

I'm so sorry for you. :(


Same thing happened to me and my wife, filed an objection and havent heard anything. We had the ubox insured for $20k, wondering when we'll see that.


Yeah right anyone in their right minds will have a lawsuit already filed and in motion. Next line please.............


This just happened to me as well. 2 U boxes are now missing and no one will return my calls. I even created an Objection ticket and 4 dys later no call