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I ran into a similar problem from U haul. So, instead I went to their U Haul Boxes Exchange Forum and met someone from my area who was selling their old u haul boxes and saved a bunch of dough. It is so much better than u haul itself because it organizes everything geographically.

I don't appreciate how u haul sells new boxes as I like to recycle, but this post on their forum was great

Variety of U Haul Boxes For Sale

When I went to U Haul's website I went to the forums and found the u haul box exchange after I purchased u haul boxes and found many boxes that I could pick up quicker for much cheaper. I hate it that U Haul sells boxes new but doesn't advertise much about this great box exchange.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Website.

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You don't have to buy any box, whether from U-Haul or not. There are recycling groups out there that gives away moving boxes.

They may be second-hand but it's still up to the consumer's preference to choose between used and new. Check out Freecycle or Craiglist.

By the way, U-Haul also has a Give-a-Box, Leave-a-Box program. It is the same concept as recyling used boxes. Anyone can leave used boxes.

And anyone could get it for free. There are designated locations so you only need to do the research which ones are near you.