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Senior managment

I would like the name and number of the District Manager for Omaha, Nebraska. Thanks


tv flat screen box

How much and can he pick it up in Taylor. On monday ?


Prices state to state

Can I get a price list of all your trucks only for a trip from Arizona Phoenix to California Fairfield. And whether you pay by the mile or by how long you have the truck how many days


Contract #87313050 Date 7/3/17 9:46AM

July 3, 2017, Contract #8731305, we rented a truck from U-Haul. The utility dolly was in the way of us packing, we only moved it to the side.

We were not notified that if we move the dolloy nd break the seal, we would be charged $91.00 for use of it. We shouldbe reimbersed for this amount.

Where on the contract does it state that if you break the seal, you pay for use of it? The dolly should be a part of the rental of the truck.


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