Warnerville, New York
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My daughter and her boyfriend returned the trailer we rented. They went inside but she left her purse in the car.

They told him where to park the trailer. He was having a problem backing the trailer into the spot when an employee offered to, and did, park the trailer. They were having a problem giving them a receipt and finally emailed it to her BF. While there one of the employees left.

They left and on the way to Walmart noticed the purse missing. Went back to UHaul and no one saw anything. Called police and a State Trooper came. Did nothing (no surprise here).

Upon leaving they noticed some of her purses contents on the side of the road about 100 feet from the building. A pack of cigarettes, some change and a hair tie. They both also said that no other customers came or left. Only employees.

A coincidence? Tried to talk the regional manager and he blew me off.

Trying to get hold of his supervisor. I don't think that Uhaul cares if they deal with franchises that may have thieves working there.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Basically this is as much your daughter's fault as anybody else's. She should have known enough to take her purse with her.

Why are you doing your daughter's complaining instead of letting her do it?

If she is old enough to have a boyfriend she should be mature enough to do her own complaining. That being said she didn't seem to know enough to take her purse out of the car.


Yes it was her fault for trusting people especially in a small economically challenged town in New York. Hopefully people will read this before using this location and not have to go through what she did.

If they do it once and get away with it who is to say they won't do it again to some other trusting person. I hope she learns from this lesson that you cannot trust anybody anywhere. And really?

Anonymous? People afraid to stand behind their comments without posting their name is typically internet.