Denham Springs, Louisiana

So I was trying to get U-Haul to price match from another competitor. They have that they do it on the website and the agent that I was talking to also claimed that they do it as well.

Actually what he kept saying is that they guarantee the lowest cost, not the lowest price. When I talked to another customer service agent she assured me that the next person I talked to could help me.

When I got transferred to a higher up she told me that they don't price match right now, in the summer, that was only for the winter. *** me for not seeing the understood, sometimes, written into their advertisement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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U haul don’t do price match . It’s all fake advertisement .



bad post


Uhaul advertises lowest COST over PRICE because cost is what it is estimated you will spend while price is what you actually end up spending. When customers can get charged for unforeseen things like going over mileage, damage to vehicle, low fuel when returned, late returned, is impossible to guarantee the lowest final price based on what it should cost.

The reason they only guarantee during winter is because summer is the busiest moving time of the year so any delay or problem with your rental could lose potentially thousands for Uhaul. During the winter, renting is more lenient because we need the business but during the summer every truck makes a difference of a couple thousand dollars a week so all rules and fines are enforced to make sure we are able to turn around vehicles in a timely manner. If customers were perfect in during their rental (uhaul definitely knows that it's not perfect!) then the guarantee would be for price instead of cost.

Remember, Price = actual final bill while Cost = what your final bill should be with everything going according to the rental agreement. They told you the right thing and at least you didn't rent a truck while misunderstanding the policy!

@Thomas - CSR Uhaul

I'm sorry, but that's a ton of b.s. Here's what I've found: Penske = lower cost and better price than Uhaul.

Also, Penske = better customer service than Uhaul. One more time... Penske = guarantee that the product for which the consumer is paying will actually be available. Penske = unlimited mileage.

I have moved across the country several times, and I've used all 3 of the major companies that rent out trucks.

For the price AND the cost, Uhaul has the worst product and customer service. They've improved over the past several years, but it's still, for the most part, a bad product, and the customer service remains one of the worst for any big company in any industry.


I agree with MSH0379 in your brief analysis. And, yes, what "Thomas - CSR Uhaul" indicates is filled with B.S.

and sounds more like political rhetoric than anything else. Pathetic.

As for Uhaul, I've been dissatisfied with them on every encounter. They're business presence in my neighborhood is prolific and they take no issue (each independent dealer) with displaying their vehicles so prominently that it makes our average neighborhood seem even less desirable. Sometimes, parking is reduced simply because their vehicles take up space, making the neighborhood even less attractive (like moving billboards).

But, for the purpose of the general consumer and in response to the original text, I called the 1-800 number as well as five independent dealers and told them that I was renting from Budget but wanted to see if they could price match or, at least, come close.

They DON'T. None of them. Mind you, this is a local rental and not long distance. However, they weren't interested in the least bit, not even a bit, to come close to what Budget was going to charge (at least Budget, though not a great company, offers regular coupons).

And, most of the trucks I've seen are ratty looking. I can only imagine how they drive.

So, in a nutshell, I will NOT ever attempt to rent from UHaul. Never. They are not presumably customer oriented (at least when it came to me), the independent dealers that I've seen do not have a care about those neighbors living in the same neighborhood as their establishment, and their prices are certainly not even the best.

I speak of locations both on the west and east coast. And here, there all over the place like disgusting big orange roaches.


I just booked a rental with Penske and was amazed with their customer service! They originally quoted me over $2000 but when I told them Budget was lower, the rep did everything she could to get me to the price budget was offering. Uhaul is outrageous with their prices and are so not worth it!