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I have rented from UHaul on numerous occasions over the years - good customer, good driver, no incidences, always turned equipment in on time, clean, and gased. All bills paid at time of service...

But several months ago, I hired a couple of workers to help with a move. When I got ready to rent the truck, I listed one of those workers as the driver. Turned out that her name FLAGGED with UHaul due to some past bill she had, so they wouldn't rent the truck to us that day. Inconvenient, yes, but understandable.

Now, months later, I had reserved a trailer rental - when they were finalizing the transaction, it FLAGGED my account with a REFUSAL CODE! I called to inquire and the Bottom Line: because my account has a "link" to someone who allegedly owes money, they are REFUSING TO RENT TO ME! Really? A one-time association, I wasn't there, not involved, not responsible....

But they are holding THIS woman's debt AGAINST ME!!!!! This shouldn't even involve me!

It's none of my business! I have no control over whether she ever resolves this with them or not, I've done NOTHING to deserve such treatment - yet, unless or until it is resolved - UHaul holds me GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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