North Babylon, New York

I've rented a van from your Farmingdale location for 3 days. At the time of the reservation I was told that I can pay with the credit card over the phone , since I had someone else (my brother) pick up the van.

My brother picked up the van on 11/27/2012 at 7;20 am , he gave the rep his credit card but was told that it's not going to be charged on it and we could use whatever credit card we want at the time of return. The day of the return 11/29/2012 I called the Farmingdale location to see if I can extend the rental for 2 more days and was told that I can't because it has already been reserved. The rep found a different location for me that had a vehicle available. After I asked him ( AGAIN ) I was told that I can use a different credit card then the one on file to pay for the rental.

That same night my brother went to return the van at about 6:45 pm and as soon as he got there he was told by ( JEFF) that he can't use any other credit card except the one that he has in his computer. At that time my brother called me and told me what JEFF said, I asked him to put him on the phone and as soon as I got a chance to speak with JEFF I got nothing but a NASTY !!!!!! attitude. I asked him to tell me what can be done since the credit card I wanted to use was with me as I was stuck in traffic.

His answer was I cant do nothing about it ( I'm not going to loose my job over this) So I asked what will happen if he uses my brothers credit card and it's declined ( for example) , I was told that it would go on his credit. Then I asked him how much the rental was and I was told by JEFF that he can't tell me until he checks the van in and charges my brothers credit card (REALLY???) Who in their right mind can't give a costumer a total of what they owe before they charge them ... Finally , and this was the reason that pushed me over the top to write this e-mail, when asked JEFF at 6:50 if he wouldn't mind waiting 10-15 min so I can get there and pay for this rental I was told ( with a really bad attitude ) that I got 10 minutes to get there. Long story short , I had to rush trough traffic to get to the ( Farmingdale) location thanks to JEFF and his proffesional attitude towards his customer.

Thank You JEFF , I have never experienced this kind of treatment from anybody until now...My advice to you is "IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR JOB THEN FIND A DIFFERENT ONE '' since you are really bad at this one. I'm not sure if anyone is even going to read this complaint and address it but if they do I can tell you that I myself am in a customer service business and that kind of behavior would not be tolerated and most likely would get me on the unemployment line.

In conclusion I have to say that I am a very disappointed with this whole experience and in the future U-Haul will most likely be the last place I will look to for a rental,and since my business is affiliated with a major retailer in the Tri-state area and requires me to rent trucks constantly . I hate to say but U-Guys will be loosing a customer thanks to JEFF !!!!!

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I had almost identical issues with U-Haul. And--whoever commented to your problem should work in customer service. It's amazing how helpful they are when it is in writing.


Sounds like a really bad experience and as a UHaul employee,I am sorry. This guy should have been able to explain our policies and give you a rough idea of what you would owe.

(When there is a per mile charge we can't know exactly until we check

the odometer,but..yeah..we can give a good ballpark)

YEP. If I had dealt with Jeff,I wouldn't come back to us either. There are so many things he could have done differently. SHOULD have done differently.

Sorry,man. :sigh