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Date of occurrence: 7/29/2017 Afternoon, apx. 5:10pm What happened: We rented a 10' truck and a dozen furniture pads.

Pads were $10 for 12 (a dozen). That's 12. OK...... We check out.

Young guy at desk. Same one as last time. Same non-existent customer service. SAME TYPE COMPLAINT.....

Qty rented (pads): 12 Qty returned: 12 Qty missing: 0 Qty damaged: 0 All fine, huh? We told him we never used the pads. Never even broke the plastic wrapping they were in. But, next line: Rental Rate: $10 per 6 pads.

Yep. You read right. The UHaul official site reads "1 dozen - $10." 12! So, not only were we not given a refund, we were charged the full amount of $10 for 6 pads!

Hey, $10 isn't much. But when you didn't use the pads at all, when that could be seen because they were still in the original wrap, it's an overcharge. We used this same UHaul service, 59th Avenue & Olive Avenue, about 2 weeks ago. The gentleman who rented this vehicle to us was fantastic!

Great customer service. However, the 12 pads we were charged for were not even in the truck! (He had asked another man to get the truck ready, so he was not the person who did this.) Just little things, yes. But, when it happens every time, it adds up.

No, we have not spoken to them about this. My husband told the young man this afternoon, when we took the truck back, that we didn't use the pads. No response. Did my husband speak loud enough?

YES! Now, if the older gentleman had been present either time, it wouldn't have happened. It's a small amount, so it's ok. In fact, my husband most likely wouldn't even say anything about it.

However, I was present, also. And I'm speaking up. Probably won't mean a thing. But, at least I'm sharing my opinion of two real happenings.

Maybe others might want to think twice, you know?

I cannot stomach this sort of thing, where a person takes advantage of another person, however little the price might be, and especially if the customer, my husband, was older, tired, in fact, wiped out. (He had worked all day moving!) It's just not very nice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Amanda u r right 30$ fuel charge plus gas to put it back where it was when it left u must work at u haul I do 2 I am thinking the truck was below a 1/4 tank and they gave a fuel credit to bring the truck back to where ever 40$ worth of puts the gauge and they put 40$ drove the truck and did not bring it back at right level


once u rent the pads we can not give u your money back and it is 6 pads 4 5$


As far as the furniture pads not being used, if you rented them them you get charged regardless of if you used them or not. However it should have been $10 for all 12 not 10 for 6.


Uhaul on powers blvd, Colorado Springs. Shree was rude and difficult, we had to wait an hour for pick up on our wedding weekend.

Then they added $40 dollars in extra charges. Made a big deal about less then 1/8 tank of gas.

And said that they'd charge us $45 dollars extra for gas. Awful!!!


Well, if you didn't put gas back in it then yes you will get charged for gas and under 1/4 $30 service fee. Its not free gas. You put gas back in the truck or you get charged.