Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Not resolved

Truck I drove for 1,000 miles had no AC even after I asked if it worked. The ABS light came on a couple of times meaning the system was not working and the brakes were very weak.

When service call was placed I was told there wasn't a service point that could help me at the hour of night I called and that I would have to wait till 7:30am for service. Well, 7:30am came and all I received was another call from UHaul customer no-service telling me that she would again try to find a shop to looking into the brakes and AC situation. Return call was received and in a city the size of Topeka, KS, there wasn't any service available.

Multiple calls to customer no-service and requests for a regional manager to call me have gone unanswered. So, you don't return my call, I write this note to all recommending that you do not rent from UHaul because if you need any help, you may not get it, just like me!

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