Atlanta, Georgia
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I planned to move today. Didn't expect to get kick in the nuts by UHAUL.

I rented a 24ft truck after I explained to the guy what I had to move, I was also advised to get the *** no good insurance they have this was around 9:00 am. I drove to my apartment complex which is 8 miles from the U-Haul location. I turn into the complex the truck gets stuck, the back is too low for the hill so I call the guy Reginald and told him that I was stuck he advise me to I had to call the 800 for roadside a tow truck company. Insurance does not cover you being stuck..

I had to pay $135 out of pocket for jacking up that raggedy *** truck. It took 2 hours for a tow to come. I let Reginald know that I was coming back to exchange the truck for one size smaller. I get there he tells me he needs an extra $100 for exchanging and he could not reverse any charges.

So 16 miles 2 hours later I was charged $79.98 for insurance 14.99 milage 11. and some change and for the piece of *** truck 39.95 and taxes. no move was accomplished at all today.. so I'm in the hole $214.98 for tow company jacking up the rear of the truck $79.98 for having the truck for 2 hours of being stuck .

WTF. I need to find a corporate office number.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $214.

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STAY AWAY FROM U-Haul! What a disasterous experience...

There is NO such thing as "Customer Service" at U-Haul! When I try to use the site it doesn't recognize my 'contract number'! Then 6 calls and half an hour later after being routed from Natick, MA to Phoenix, AZ to several other locations and finally I get a Somerville, MA Regional office location...(All on my phone bill) They can't figure out why my recent contract number isn't recognized in their system.

Long story, short...try Ryder Truck Rental or any other ...just NOT UHAUL!!! Tramatic


you should learn how to drive a truck