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To whom it may concern,

My young daughter and I live below the poverty line. We struggle to get by, and that is why when I was accepted into a graduate program across the country, I had no choice but to go to try to make a better life for both of us. This is where Uhaul Ubox comes into the picture. At $3,000 to move my belongings from Phoenix, AZ to Wilmington NC, I was giving you my entire life savings, but that’s sometimes what it takes to get to where you’re going. Imagine how disappointed I was when they didn’t show up on the day I scheduled them. A call to customer service told me they could be there the following Tuesday, 2 days after I was supposed to be on the road. After being on hold for quite some time, another location was going to bring me the boxes the following day. The individual who delivered them parked the trailer so close to my house, the doors to the uboxes could not be opened, 2 days and three phone calls later, he finally returned to move them. Not off to a good start. But, I get the boxes loaded, with my very patient friends who had been on standby for 3 days now due to Ubox. I have the boxes picked up, and I hit the road with my daughter for North Carolina.

On July 8th, 6 days after the boxes were picked up from my house, I received a phone call from Ubox asking if I wanted my boxes shipped. Of course I wanted them shipped! I was under the impression they had been shipped 6 days ago! While annoyed at this development, I wasn’t nearly to the level of anger I am at now… I reiterated to the man on the phone to ship the boxes, he charged my account. I arrive in North Carolina, secure an apartment, continue to wait for my things to arrive.. thinking it would be approximately 11 days after the 8th, already almost a week late. Then, on July 19th I received an email saying my boxes shipped that day and would take 11 days to arrive. What?! What is this? I’ve already been living in a vacant apartment with my 8 year old daughter.. without any of the personal belongings that did not fit in our backpacks for our roadtrip east. We were sleeping on the floor with one blanket, we were without our towels or personal effects. Finally, I had to go spend money I didn’t have on the necessities that were in the uboxes. I called the Ubox customer service and spoke with a man name Shahnene, he was less than helpful, rude actually, and I gave up trying to get him to help me and tried to find a forum online to complete a complaint. There was not one available, so I called back, and had to deal with Shahnene again, this time he reluctantly filled out a complaint form and told me that a manager would be calling me. I waited for a couple of days, after not hearing anything, I called back and spoke to a customer service rep named Dave who said that my complaint was closed because a manager checked with the Phoenix location and a guy named “Mario” claimed I said to ship the uboxes “whenever”… two major things wrong with this portion, amongst all this wrongness… 1) who would say “here’s all my money, send all of my earthly possessions whenever”?! And secondly, why did I have to call again to find out that my complaint was closed? So, good ‘ol Dave reopens the complaint, assures me that someone will call me and says that he totally gets my frustration…. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CALL!

Fast forward to when the boxes arrive in Wilmington… I got an email saying that they arrived and I would receive a call to schedule a delivery, I did not receive a call, instead I called and spoke with a man named Cameron. Cameron said that they would not charge me to deliver the uboxes after all the trouble I was having, and they brought them out. Of course, they brought them out bolted shut, to a vacant apartment, where all my stuff (tools included) was bolted inside, and I don’t know a soul in NC, but I worked it out. I get them open and find that some of my furniture is damaged….more headache. Still no call from customer service! Aaaaand, this is when my account gets charged after I was told it wasn’t going to be charged. The unexpected charge caused many things to bounc e, completely wreaking havoc on my bank account. I went to Uhaul in person, nearly in tears, they assured me they reversed the charges.. but…wait for it… the next day… ANTOHER charge goes through; pushing me further into financial ruin. They tell me that they can refund the money erroneously charged, but I’ll have to take up overdraft fees with corporate, the same corporate who has yet to return a phone call and handle how unacceptable this entire situation has been to date. Uhaul Ubox has managed to make the already stressful situation of moving cross country about 20x more stressful. This is not okay. I would like to know how you’re going to make this okay at this point. I am angry and frustrated and still have not heard from a customer service manager on remedying this situation. At this point, nothing short of a substantial refund is going to appease me. In the graduate student community, we are required to move for the doctoral program, then again for a post doc, so I am amongst your demographic of potential clients, and I can assure you that I will let everyone on my social networks, everyone in the classes I teach, my cohort in school, the labs I work in… I will tell everyone what a hassle it has been to deal with you, and how little you care about your customers.


Seven Tomek

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Hi Seven,

I'm going through a similar u-haul u-box nightmare. I'm trying to figure out how to get my life together after moving across the country and I've literally said the same thing as you did in your post about u-haul making the move 20x harder.

If you don't mind, please shoot me an email at and let me know how much more headache you had to go through to get u-haul to issue a refund on your damaged furniture. I'd really appreciate any advice in the mater you can give me.



Ms. Tomek, my name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International.

We just recently came across your posting regarding your U-Box move with U-Haul. I want to offer you my sincere apology for the inconvenience you and your daughter experienced. Our records indicate Tim Parker, our President for our Metro Phoenix and the East Valley regional office, followed up on your concerns and issued you a refund for $342.90 for the delivery charge and bank overdraft fees. The check was issued to you on August 20, 2013 and cleared on September 27, 2013.

Please be assured Mr. Parker addressed your concerns with all involved to ensure proper U-Box rental and shipping procedures are being followed locally and to prevent the situation from happening again.

Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you experienced and hope you will allow U-Haul to serve you again in the future. If you need to reach me, I can be contacted at