Sacramento, California

i am so unsatisfied in the service that i had with your company first of all the customer service was bad and the mangement was not helpful at all he was just worst than the storage units were locked up before my 2nd month begin and the first month was a free promotion for new renters i called and didint get know respnse accussed of been in default with my payment when the unit was in someone else is name and my units were wrong and the locks that are so secute you find out that its wrong

Monetary Loss: $800.

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they own the locker they set the rules. They clearly state that a specific type of lock has to be used (tamper proof).


Boo Hoo


U-haul locked me out starting Oct10, and before the rent was due. I would'nt purchase their lock, have a pic of it with a notice

telling me I had to purchas their locks..I sued for trepass,theift and conversion....

On going case. while making a deal to move out, u-haul sent me a notice of lien sale,

they breach our agreement, I filed for default, because they did'nt answer the complaint in 30 days.Theres more to say but I'll stop here, on going case in alameda county. I filed a complaint with the FTC.

FTC also told me to contact the state AG file a complaint with them as well.


Waiting on the follow up. I will bank my bottom dollar it didn't go well or you would have been back here posting.

Again, another person who thinks they should tell U-haul what THEY want to do with U-Haul property. I would like to say that you can't sue for trespass if you violate the rules for non-trespass. Since U-Haul didn't move over and make you CEO, I'll wager your complaints died in their tracks when no lawyer who actually read your rental contract wanted to represent you pro-bono. If this person was honest, they would have gotten back on here and said, "I was wrong" when they found out they were.

Instead, they'll leave this *** review about a problem they made. And believe me, there's always the side you don't hear about...U-Haul's.