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Worst moving experience of my life!!! - and this is my fourth out of state move in the last 5 years.

First time I had used U-Haul and I thought it was going to be convenient because they advertised that I could rent a truck and auto transport right down the road from where I lived. I made the reservation a week out and failed to read the fine print (that was on me), that said they could change the pickup location. Two nights before my pickup I receive a call that our pickup location is not down the street, but over an hour away!! Im very glad that I set aside two days to load up the truck.

U-Haul decides to compensate you for this by taking off $50, of which about half was wasted on gas. I was very disappointed and this was inconvenient, but I thought this would be the extent of the problems. Then on travel day, the real fun began. We were about halfway through our 11 hour drive, when one of the tires on our auto transport blew.

Since I only had my cell phone and not a Wifi connection I thought calling in would be the fastest means to contact customer service. After being on hold for 15+ minutes and not talking to anyone, I used the internet browser on my phone to submit a request on their website. I received a text that Bowles Towing, LLC had an ETA of 90 minutes to assist us (this company was 15 minutes away from our location, so I dont know why it would take six times as long to get to us). This was again another disappointment, but what can you do?

You are at the mercy of the roadside assistance. I contemplated calling my AAA service to help us, and now wish I would have. So we waited in our cab while it poured down rain on the side of the highway for 90 minutes, and guess what? No one showed up.

Im sure a safety liability too when its pouring rain and we are just off the highway. U-Haul even has an ETA countdown after you submit the request and we watched it count all the way down from 90 to 0 and no one showed up. So again I call the customer support line , and am on hold for 25+ minutes without an answer (a reoccurring theme). I pull up the roadside assistance page on my phone again and open up the chat.

Type in a few message, and all of a sudden I get a call from U-Haul while Im still on hold. U-Hauls explanation: the towing company got called out on a police report, which takes precedent. Understandable, but why arent we given an update or another towing service sent out to change our tire and send us on our way? Just a reflection on both parties - the towing company for not letting us or U-Haul know that they would be late, and U-Haul for not keeping us updated and contracting with this company that obviously doesnt value our time.

The end result of this? We are given another 45 minute ETA for this same towing company to assist us! 45 minutes go by. Nothing.

Try to use U-Hauls chat and this agent tells me she isnt part of roadside assistance and cant help me! Call in and get put on hold again for 30 more minutes before I can talk to a representative. The representative tells me he is 5 minutes away. We are praying at this point.

I dont know what he has been doing the last 5 hours and it is starting to get dark. Finally about 10 minutes later the guy shows up. Wasnt even the same company U-Haul told was coming, but at that point I didnt care. Not so much as an apology for the delay either.

Takes him 10 total minutes to jack up the trailer and put on the new tire. Total time left stranded on the side of the road? over 5 hours. If your roadside assistance is going to be so poor at least put a jack and spare tire on the trailer so we can do it ourselves!

An awful customer experience from U-Haul, start to finish.

Never again!! Budget, U-Pack, Penske, anyone else but U-Haul

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Roadside Assistance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Uhaul Cons: Customer service, Incompetent staff.

  • stranded on freeway
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My husband and daughter have been stranded for the second time today. 3 blown tires!

they are still on interstate after 10 PM. They refuse to help! Never again uhaul!! There are other moving trucks.

Dont use them for long distance! thank God our daughter didn't do this alone


If you would have used AAA you would break the contract resulting in more charges.