Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Update by user Jun 08, 2013

Uhaul Corporate has agreed with me. I can't believe the moraless nuts commenting here. It must be the Obutthead influence.

Update by user Jun 08, 2013

Notice the comment from the Anonymous troll. And he's telling me to give my name. Funny.

Original review posted by user Jun 08, 2013

If you ever want to rent a truck or storage unit do NOT do it with UHaul of Washington PA. I asked the lady on the phone if they had any vans available.

She wants to know my name. I say William. She wants my last name. I ask again if there are any vans available.

She wants my last name. I tell her I will give her all my information when she tells me if there is a van available. She hangs up. I call back and she hangs up again.

I call back and a man answers. I told him what happened and he asks if I'd like to file a complaint. I say yes. He sends my call to "Customer service".

I tell her what has happened. She hangs up. I call back. Another man answers.

I tell him what happened. He asks my name. I said William. He said last name.

I said just tell me yes or no do you have any vans.

He says No we don't have any vans available. If this place doesn't act like 2 monkeys trying to *** with a football I don't know who does.


  • U-Haul of Washington PA
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I agree with anonymous, bfd just give tgem your darn name if they ask and stop being such a difficult person, if u were so concerned with them having ur name make one up and get your question answered

Funny Mann
@Mountain out of a mole hill

I agree make one up. Not like someone else on the planet doesn't have the same name.


@anonymous... RUDE!

U must be one of the employes! I would not have gave them my last name either.

Simple question, lets not waste time. But every UHaul I have rented from, staff is not very bright at all.


Would it have killed you to give your last name when requested? If you aren't willing to do that how do they know yours is a serious request? You are acting like a spoiled brat.


Says the Anonymous troll.