Summerville, South Carolina

I returned my uhaul 17 ft truck after I swept it out. I dropped off the truck on a Sunday with the key in a drop box.

I was then sent a bill for $25.00 for cleaning. I returned to the store in Mt. Pleasant, SC and said I had swept out the truck. The manager said someone had to sweep it out. I told her I was going to dipute the charge with my credit card. She said "do what you have to do." I then told her I would inform the BBB about the charge she once again said. "do what you have to do with a big *** eating grin on her face. Nice customer service.

This is the Mt. Pleasant, SC store on Mathis Ferry Self Storage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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The LOXAHATCHEE location tried to scam me by charging me $25 as a "cleaning" fee, I immediately told the representative at this location there must be some mistake because I returned the car clean, and exactly how I received it, her response was she found a pen and lighter in the truck. If there was a pen and lighter in the truck she obviously put it there because the truck was spotless upon return.

DO NOT RENT/RETURN to this location because they will create a fake reason to steal money from you!

Another word of caution: DO NOT USE KEY DROP OFF service because scenarios like this can happen if your not there to inspect the vehicle with the representative upon returning. This experience has been a nightmare, I'm very disappointed in UHAULs service.


There was literally nothing outlandish or poor about her customer service there is a sign clearly marked in the back of the truck that said it says there will be a $25 cleaning fee if the truck is not returned in the same condition that it is dispatched. If you don't want to pay the fee clean up after yourself simple as that


Lol this is funny to me just had the same thing happen to me for absolutely no reason what so ever I’ll be disputing the charge as well and the truck I rented was clean nothing left in the truck and was clean


Just keep in mind that You won't be able to rent the truck in future until you pay the balance.Because they will put you in Ealart system.You can not rent from any uhaul.


always take pics of the before and after with a time and date stamp; take closeups