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My U-Haul story June/July 2019

I have used U-Haul more than 20 years for at least a dozen local and interstate moves. Through the years I always praised their service.

This last move was my biggest nightmare.

On Saturday, June 15th 2019, I rented a truck for 24 hours picking up at 3:30 PM.

It should have been a sign when I pulled away and ½ mile down the road truck was empty with absolutely no gas at all.

The document said I had more than ¼ of tank. Ok no big deal, choke it up.

But the luck seemed to have started and spiraled completely to the most unimaginable experience ever. Next we accidentally locked the keys in the truck and since I had no roadside assistance I was not able to get help from U-Haul. Thank God, with a friend’s help and 3 hours later we got the door open and got the keys.

We loaded as much as we could but had to continue the rest for the next day.

Next morning, in a heat wave, at 7:00 am, I drove to storage and loaded more things but not all on the truck. This move has been taking a whole month to move a 2-story apartment into 1-story apartment from storage. At 1:00 pm finished unloading truck into the apartment. I wanted to take my nephew out to lunch for helping out.

I took a shower, got all dressed up to go out for a nice meal. For kicks and giggles I planned to take the truck back in high heels. I couldn’t decide if I should wear my pearls or my gold necklace so I grabbed both and put in my purse.

While in the truck, my purse flipped over and pearls fell to the floor. I reached and grabbed the pearls and put in the middle cupholder (there are 3) the first one had my car keys.

We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to get to small iced lattes. Back in the truck I placed my cup in the middle cup holder on top of the pearls and drove to U-Haul to return the truck. I pulled in to the area under the tent where drop off and checkout is designated. Because I like to make everything fun, I asked my nephew to take some pictures of me illustrating that I could drive a truck in heels.

I even thought it would make a fun advertisement that anyone can drive a truck. Since I stepped out of the truck already posing for pictures, I didn’t go back in to take the cups and keys. I reached in so I wouldn’t leave garbage in the truck, took my keys and the two cups and left. From the heat and moving exhaustion of 2 days, I forgot the pearls.

Standing outside the truck I did not see them. It is customary thereafter that an employee then gets in the truck, checks it in and then moves it to the back lot. It was impossible for him not to have seen the WHITE pearls. 36” WHITE AKOYA CULTURED PEARS WITH A GOLD CLASP WITH DIAMOND CHIPS.

With a deadline to get out of storage by July 1st and since the 16th, I was extremely busy at work during the day and moving things out of storage by night.

So Sunday, June 28th was the last day I could move the rest of my belongs and I rented this time, a van from U-Haul from 11-5:30 since there were no 15 footers available. Done finally! Complete! I made this move with as little as under $80.00.

What a glorious feeling next day going to work. Finally free!

Then Thursday, July 4th comes along and it was time to get dressed up and go out like a lady and celebrate. I search for the pearls and then I frantically remembered that the last time I saw them was in the truck. I gave the benefit of the doubt and ripped my entire apartment looking or them all day on 4th of July.

I searched in my photos of that dreadful day and there was the proof in the background of the pictures. I zoomed in and in the truck you can see the two same size cups, the cup in the middle was higher then the other because the pearls were underneath.

I went to U-Haul on Friday at 7:30 am before I went to work and spoke to the manager Chris Muniz. He said, “Go look in the truck; it hasn’t been out at all. It was actually being serviced on site all this time”.

I knew he was lying because I was there just a few days before on Sunday, June 28th trying to rent out a 15-footer but they were all rented and that’s how I ended up with a van. He promised me that he would look into it and try to find out what happened and he would call me. He said he would help me. I was devastated by that point.

Heard nothing from him on Friday during the day.

After work I went back again. Chris was not there. He had left. This time I went in and spoke to Teresa and asked her if there was a lost and found.

She said they don’t keep a lost and found. When they usually find things in the truck they call customer right away since the trucks are documented with customers’ names. She said if then a customer doesn’t come back they throw things out. I gasped at the her statement, and said “Are you kidding me, these pearls are worth over $1500!

They wouldn’t be thrown out, they would be kept”. She was trying to console me as I cried hysterically, and said that the truck was out 5 times so she would call the customers to see if they found anything. Then Shameek Quinn recognized me, he was the one that helped me with the van a few days before. I told him my experience and he too said that the truck was out 5 times.

When I mentioned that I was going to file a police report, he was taken aback a bit, and became more serious with me. “Well you have to talk to the manager Chris”, he said. They are now trying to say that the truck went out with a new customer with the pearls in the truck. I completely doubt it and it is an unacceptable remark.

As employees are to check in and check out the trucks before and after each and every customer.

In plain English, either the employees are not doing their job or they are truly thieves.

I went back again on Saturday, after I filed the police report. I asked for Chris and was told he was at the Elmwood Park location. I told Teresa I filed the report and she told me she would call the customers that had the truck before.

I went back again on Sunday, and Chris Muniz again was not there. He called out sick.

Teresa said that she called the customers from her cell phone the night before around 7:00 PM because she was too busy at work during the day. I went outside and try to find the kid that took that had checked in my truck on the 16th. I found him sitting in a van on his phone. He asked me to meet him up front as he wanted to bring van up for a customer.

He said he remembered me taking the pictures by the truck that Sunday the 16th.

He never looked at me in the eyes, always looked down. I showed him the picture of the uneven cups. I told him that I have been crying since Wednesday, and he said he was sorry. I explained to him how much they meant to me since it was a wedding gift from my mother-in-law 35 years ago, and that my father-in-law is dying.

I told him that I have no choice but to file a police report and then he said that it was not his responsibility. And to top it all off, I was holding the matching earrings that I showed the police officer, and somewhere at Uhaul I dropped them and lost them too. I am completely torn apart.

I am completely devastated as these pearls have been guarded with my life for 35 years except for this one time, and they were taken from me. I know they were in the truck.

I know they were in the cup holder. They have such a sentimental and priceless value that I can’t accept that they have been taken away from me. I have lost 10 pounds in 5 days. I can’t eat, sleep or even focus at work without crying my eyes out.

I have been crying for the past 8 days!!! I went from 120 to 111 lbs. I am so sick over this all I do is cry.

I want my pearls back. I don’t know if they were Akoya cultured pearls or Mikimoto.

All I know is that my mother-in-law loved fine jewelry, always went for the best and they were just simply remarkable. Mikimoto is price at $8000 and Akoya start at $2000. Either way, money will not satisfy my loss. I want my pearls.

It was the nicest gift I have ever received. I want them back. I am not rich and I can’t afford to buy another set or any kind of jewelry. I owned only 4 pieces of jewelry.

I have been struggling as a single parent all my life.

I have lost jobs due to economy with mergers and acquisitions. I finally got a job making only ½ the money I used to make.

I just can’t believe that these employees are just so heartless and have the audacity to destroy other people. Chris Muniz said he was going to help me and he absolutely did nothing. I called him later that night and begged him to help and that I would offer a cash reward of $100.

And all he said that he was sorry about how I “FEEL”.

I am so desperate to get them back that I am now considering blowing my whole paycheck tomorrow and offering a $500 reward. Don’t know what to do.

I think what hurts the most is that NO ONE wants to HELP A VICTIM. And since I work for SOS and wore the pearls at work, I asked my director to look at our security cameras to see when the last time I wore the pearls.

It was before the 16th. And to think that I work for SOS Security that provides security and safety to people and their property and I become a victim of this horrible event and treatment from U-Haul company.

Someone please HELP ME!!!!

Maria P

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Customer Care.

Reason of review: stolen jewelry by employee at Route 46E Saddlebrook, NJro.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Uhaul Pros: Reservations was good.

Uhaul Cons: Stole my jewelry.

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