Novato, California

We have rented trucks from this location twice, and both times the agent (Josh? Agent signature #30534) was very rude.

We shouldn't have gone back the second time, but we were in a hurry and the location was closest to us. "Josh" avoided eye contact and acted like a *** at the desk, as well as out front when we asked him to empty the truck of trash and wash the side-view mirrors that were so dirty, they would have been a driving hazard. The whole truck was VERY dirty and the air in the cab didn't work properly: it only blew on our feet. I called Josh to ask if it was broken and he said, "Without seeing it, I don't know." I don't believe him, especially after he tried to pass off a dirty, garbage-filled truck as appropriate!

"Josh" also listed the gas tank as being more full than it actually was: he wrote "15/16" but the gage was closer to the halfway mark between 3/4 tank and full. Also, we bought a roll of packing tape there that turned out to be SO THIN, it curled up and broke apart like the cheapest scotch tape on the market -- useless! Before we took the truck, "Josh" put a $75.00 hold on my card, and my receipt said it was only an authorization hold, not a charge... but when I returned the truck, and the total fee came to $57.76 and he STILL CHARGED MY CARD $75.00!

I had a feeling he was screwing around with me, so I asked if he had released the hold and charged me the correct amount. He was annoyed and said, "I charged you $75.00 and gave you a refund for the difference." I asked how long it would take for the refund to post and he snapped: "I just put it through. How long your bank takes to process it is how long it will take. It could take 7 to 10 days." What!?

What a ***! He should have canceled the hold and charged me the CORRECT amount! So, from his horrible attitude, to the filthy, broken-air truck, to the scam on the gas gage and over-charging me, WE WILL NEVER STEP FOOT INSIDE EMPIRE UHAUL AGAIN! And what's with the $1 environmental fee?

I read the explanation for it on the Uhaul website, and it still didn't make sense.

We will avoid renting from Uhaul -- any Uhaul -- from here on in... we'd rather pay our relatives with vans and trucks than contribute to a business that allows JERKS to work for them and scam their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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I've been going to Empire U Haul in Novato for over 3 years now. They are the BEST in Marin!!

I have never see.

Or heard of "Josh". Must be new owner, or Josh got the


I've been going there for 3 years or more, and they are GREAT! I've never seen or heard of Josh. He must've gotten the big