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We rented a van and the fuel gage was clearly broken. One second it said we were full on diesel and then on empty.

We stopped of at put an estimated right amount in. The requirement is to bring it back 1/3rd full. We bring it back and they tell us we are going to be charged an extra $50 because we brought it back a centimeter under 1/3rd.

We told them the gage is broken and the guy said we should have pumped up with the engine on. I literally wanted to break that guys neck after he told me that.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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1. Uhaul doesn't have any trucks that run on diesel.


When you rent a truck from them, they give you this receipt with a picture of the gas gauge. On that picture, it shows where the needle is now. It tells you the capacity of the fuel tank and shows various positions If the needle is here, put in this many gallons to return fuel to the level it was at when you rented it.

It literally requires no thought. There is no guessing.

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