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I ordered a tuck a month and a half ahead or time. Set it all up.

Called main number to check on where my truck an car transport would be left. The representative asked where I lived and I asked if it cold be left at one of the two locations in Totowa, NJ, she said one location was not so reliable but the one on Riverview Drive was very good. I called them spoke to Justin, he would take cae of everything . I told him how important it was that the truck be in Totowa because of the time element.

He told me someone would call me the night before to let me know tat the truck was in. At 7;15 PM I get a text telling me that the truck was an hour away from my home and that the car transport was, another hour away, in another direction. You can't talk to anyone at that hour of the night that can do anything. I was upset.

Called early the next AM an everyone spoke told me the same thing, we don't promise you where your truck will be, and that's our policy.

Called Penske, spoke to a nice person, Mary, after I told her my sad story, she said give me an hour, I will call you back. Sure enough she called and she had a truck and a transport for me only four miles away at Charter Coach & Travel , Belmont Ave, Haledon, NJ, very professional firm that got me a Penske truck and a car transport the same day in one hour!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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just because u set up reservation 45 days in advance does mean the equipment will be at that uhaul they might have find the equipment at the closest location 2 u

to bruce2017_873 #1477006

People set up reservations 45 days in advance so the equipment will be at the right location. If that's the case, then they should've told the person 45 days earlier when they were trying to make the reservation that the equipment wouldn't be at the one they're trying to reserve it at.

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