Worcester, Massachusetts
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So I just got back from the 495 Shrewsbury St, Worcester MA Uhaul and am still shaking my head at their *** poor customer service. Wow.

So this morning we get in there early, the girl at the register out flies through the transaction - I really don't think she took one breath. I thought it was weird no one inspected the truck but just took the keys and went. We take the truck out and do almostexclusively highway driving to and from our destination. We bring it back early and they find a "hole" in the roof of the truck and pin it on us.

The manager literally RIPPED *** in the roof!!!!! Then he said "it's fresh!" We were standing there when he did it!!! I told the GM what happened and she grabbed the paperwork and said "I'm putting you on notice." I don't know what that means? So watch out for Uhaul employees ripping holes in the roof and pinning it on you!

I still can't believe what I saw. It was unreal - and they were going to rent that same truck out to someone else later in the afternoon. I asked if it's normal for the Uhaul staff to not check a truck prior to leaving and was told by one Uhaul employee they always walk a customer out to the truck and told by another they don't do it.

I have witnesses - and would be more than happy to discuss with ANY Uhaul representative reading this - preferably the Massachusetts DISTRICT manager (if such a person exists).


My advice: Don't EVER rent from the idiots at the 495 Shrewsbury St, Worcester MA Uhaul!!!

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