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I rented this pickup truck, they dont fill it up with gas, they leave it at 3/4 full. It was hard to make sure not to exceed this i ended up filling it up at FULL unknowgly, even tho i was keeping an eye on the fuel gauge...but its not accurate and wasnt moving at all, after I pumpted about $20.00 in it i stopped...before i know it when driving read FULL...they refused to give me my gas money least the extra amount..if this is company policy, then i say their company policy is to rip people off and have them pump more gas in them.

I will not rent another UHAUL at all if I can help it. I suggest everyone else take their money to anothe business then UHAUL...

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so why fill it up put in say 5 dollars worth check level then gauge how much to put in.


boo hoo :cry


Turn the key to Accesory, have your kid or partner watch as you fill up and give you the okay when it fills to the previous pre-rental level. Allow the gas to settle as it sometimes takes a while before the needle moves & stops.

Take a photo of where the gas level is befor you drive off U-haul parking lot with time and date stamp. Ask how much the tank holds; divide by 4.

Ex: if 36 gallons / 4 = 9 gallons for each 1/4 tank; 1/2 =18 gals. etc...

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