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In March of last year, I paid over $400 dollars to have my hitch and wiring "professionally installed" by Uhaul. A couple of months later, as I was making my way to my car and unlocked it, my turn signals went crazy and the hitch wiring module went up in smoke and burned through.

Had to take my car in AGAIN and lose more time from work since this service is only available during the day....A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of us moving to a new home, I tried renting a trailer only to be told that my lights for the trailer hitch were not working right AGAIN!!! Took my car in again...Yesterday, after taking a short trip to the store my right turn signal remained on and the trailer module was fully lit, which it shouldn't be. I go into the store real quick, come back out and head back home. I realized at this point that I no longer had turn signals.

I drove home in the safest way possible. I called in to Uhaul and got the run around until I finally received not 1 or 2 but 3 phone calls from the same location about my problem. Issue is, every time I was told something different. At one point I was even told that I SAID that is i jiggled the wires, they would work....I now have an apt for tomorrow but I had to see this for myself.

I took apart removed my left rear tail light as I watched the first and second guy do the work (I wasn't present the 3rd time) and took a look at the "Professional Installation." Electrical tape and exposed wires without any additional shielding. I followed all of the wires from the bottom of the car up to the tail light and also found that all of them as simply strung through the car without any protection other than the cable shielding itself. I now have have to go to Uhaul for the 4th time to have this fixed. Before anyone bring its up, I took my car almost straight from the dealership to them.

2015 with only 10,000 miles, this is why I went to have it professionally done. I called in this morning after it sunk in that I couldnt drive my brand new car since it is unsafe to drive because the turn signals and hazards don't work. I was again given the run around, put on silent hold for 5 minutes and hung up. After the second time after I explained everything I was quickly handed off to an insurance claims number.

No explanation, no details on why I was being transferred over...nothing. Just "this is what they should have done first" I filed a claim and speaking with an attorney first thing tomorrow morning. This is simply unacceptable and ridiculous. My hope is that no permanent damage has been caused to my vehicle.


Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Part Installation.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: I want monetary compensation and the issues addressed. Simply insane. .

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