Mount Pleasant, Texas
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I rented a car hauler from uhaul in Houston TX to drive to College Station, TX. I was told that my motorhome and trailed/car combination was ok,that the motor home would handle it.

I purchased the insurance, hooked up and it was explained that the inertia brake system would work well. I pulld the combination to College Station and the Motor Home handled well. But upon getting to College Station, one red light after the other the brakes started failing on the Motor-home. I could tell that the brakes on the trailer were not working and decided to pull over where I could as soon as possible.

I soon ran a red light because the brakes failed completely. I went to turn at the next intersection and as I tried to brake I could feel the trailer pushing on the Home, I ended up hitting 2 cars trying to make the turn because of this. I did several thousand $ in damage to the motorhome. I turnedthe trailer in the next day, told them about my trouble.

I let the insurance company know what had happened and was informed them my suspiucions about the brakes. I was told nothing for about 2 months and they finally said that the brakes were ok on the trailer.

I think it was covered up, it took to long and all they wantedwas theirmoney for the insurance. Never again will I trust uhaul!!!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Its your motorhome that failed not uhaul trailer. Uhaul should be suing you for having a faulty vechile, get off the street u lunatic before someone gets hurt.


You blame U Haul because the brakes on YOUR vehicle failed while towing a U Haul trailer. The surge brake only works properly on U Haul auto transports if the towing vehicle has good brakes.

The trailer has to "Feel" your vehicle braking!!

The load starts to move forward due to inertia then act on the spring loaded tongue to turn on the trailer brakes!! You should take better care of your own vehicle.