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I filing a complaint regarding the U-haul storage at 1030 Pleasant St., Fall River, MA. I rented a storage unit there for the last year. On 6/30/18 I have closed the account for the storage unit.

The conditions of the place are the worse I have ever seen in the 18 years that I have rented storage units with U-Haul. The facility is so outdated. The stairs are coded for generations back, there is a conveyor belt was barely working. I tried to get totes that weighed about 30 pounds up the belt. Because belt barely moved and the totes kept sliding back down to me. I had to move five totes up a set of stairs (about 13-15 steps). I lost my balance on the stairs and fell into the way. The stairs are too small in length.

The lighting was non-existing until recently. The hallway was very dark and there was no lighting within the unit itself.

My address is wrong: It's listed as TEST AZ, P.O. Box 5034, Newport, MA 02841. The correct address is P.O. Box 5034, Newport, RI 02841

The final straw was the dead mice and mouse nest were found. The nest was found on a TV stand. The stand was damaged by the mice chewing on the wood. Now I have to deal with the insurance company and put a claim in. This isn't something I have time for because I have a boyfriend with 4th stage cancer.

When talking to the owner of the facility I received a non-caring attitude. Such, excuses were made for the facility (the location is in a bad area, just file a claim with the insurance company, etc).

I'm requesting a refund for the last 2 months.

Also the wait time when calling U-Haul is unacceptable.

Annette M. Campbell

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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