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U-Haul, toledo put hitch & wiring package on our cargo van. Days later we rented car dolly to pull our PT Cruiser to Titusville, Fl. Clerk could't get ramps into "up" position and sent us out with them sticking out causing scrapes on bottom of car & damaging catalyic converter. (Lights also failed in TN.)

My son jacked up the car and beat the ramps into locked position that night but damage was done. We complained to U-Haul Titusville & they said we had to contact renting agency. The clerk said he would confirm they were stuck out but he has since "left their employ" U-Haul sent us to Republic Western who denied claim BEFORE we even sent estimate & continued to deny the equipment was faulty. NO customer service on the part of U-Haul. They say whatever the insurance co says is gospel, but I did not rent the equipment from Republic Western, I went to U-HAUL!

They totally deny any responsibility & say the equipment was serviced 2 weeks prior to our rental. They NEVER contacted my son who laid on the cold ground to jack up the car to get the dolly fixed. I am angry and have a damaged car as well as having the devil scared out of us having to drive 500 miles with NO brake/tail lights. They took advantage of an older, crippled up couple and I will not stand for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Car Rental.

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That's what they do, they don't give a ***.

Look, in all reality I must agree don't think for a second that this isn't true.

I know this first hand, as having had personally dealt with incompetent, sleazy, underhanded, vindictive, drugged out, incoherent and maniacal bosses in FL. They say their objective is to honor and follow company policy when in actuality they use and abuse honorable people who work for them and their concern is not customer's safety or protection it is personal gain and pulling tricks and schemes to ensure they don't get caught stealing from the very company they're living scott free off of!