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We rented a truck to move our house belongings to the u-box storage in April 2014 from

U-Haul at 240 Rexdale Blvd Toronto, ON M9W1R2 and one of the employees, driving similar U-haul truck smashed into our truck parked in the storage parking lot. We (me and my husband) were both inside of the trunk, moving our furniture around to load the u-box, when the other truck smashed into the front of our parked truck and the whole load moved suddenly. Luckily we were not hurt and the truck ended with dented bumper but the employee didn't even say “sorry” or checked if we were ok. She just said: “you won't be charged for the damage, so you're good”. We spend another hour pulling ourselves together after the shock of the accident and indifferent, poor service but carried on with the move. I wish we had complained about the situation at that time.

After several months of using the u-box storage at the same location, we've decided to pick up our belongings from the u-box storage on our own and not using the shipping option. We called several times, a week in advance to let the location know that we're coming at the specific date and time, from different city (600km away) to get a one-way truck rental, load it with our belongings from the u-box and drive back 600 km - 12000 km day trip!!! The time was very important to us and we felt that a week advance is enough for the U-haul employees of the location to have the u-box ready.

Upon arriving, we waited 4 hours for the u-box to be ready while, in the meantime the employees were chatting, helping other customers and don't giving a *** about us and our time sensitive situation.

How they were dealing with the u-box, that's another story! They were pulling it with the thin rope fixed to the forklift that broke several times and sprang back towards the forklift driver and nearby people. I was trying to address the issue of unsafe practices to the customer service (manager was not on site) but nothing was done. We've lost yet another few hours and nerves there waiting for this tragedy to stop and still had 600 km ahead of us, at night!

I'm shocked with the way we were treated after being a rather valuable customers for the U-haul company.

By using the truck rentals and storage services we've left around 1000$ with the company. But it looks like no matter how much of your time and money you'll leave to support U-haul business, you wont't get a good service and you may even get hurt by not well trained and careless U-haul employees.

I've been trying to raise this case to the U-haul customer service but after losing several hours on the phone, talking to several different people I've lost my hope for any compensation!

I do not recommend U-haul and won't be using its service anymore. It is not just poor but unsafe!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

  • Unsafe U-haul work practices
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