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How a huge company like uHaul can have such widespread dishonesty and shadiness. From blatant lies &;;;;; misleading to total negligence with damaging my property to out and out credit card fraud.

I will NEVER spend a single cent with this company EVER again! I will also be sure to make EVERY person I know aware to NEVER use uHaul!!! I will post reviews and comments in every social media platform and review site to get the word out. #boycottuhaul

Beginning with the day of my move, scheduled a month in advance, I reserved 2 uBoxes and uHaul's "moving help" service to pick up the boxes from my local uHaul store, deliver and load them and return to uhaul for shipping across country from Los Angeles to South Florida.

Scheduled to start in the morning, the moving help guys went to pick up the reserved uBoxes and they were not available, they had to sit for 2 HOURS inside the uHaul store waiting until finally were told to go to another location 45min away to pick up the boxes.

When they arrived at that store ( in a really bad part of town and an area that I NEVER approved using) upon arriving at the second location, they were told they also did NOT have the boxes ready and they had to wait another 90 mins, at which time the awful, shady, rude and incompetent manager at that location told them he only had one box and a single trailer, so the movers brought the first box

(an hour drive from my apartment). They started bringing my things down to the street to load, after emptying half of the contents of my apartment down to the street to load, they opened the first box to find it FULL OF SOMEONE ELSE'S PROPERTY!!!! I was having a panic attack...is this what is going to happen to my things?! We were set to fly out that night to Florida...so we were in NO position to change up the moving plans at that point and had to just pray things would be ok.

The guys then had to drive another 45min back to the store to return the box full of someone else's property and exchange for an empty one...the shady, awful manager at that location STILL only had one box to give them, they drove all the way back AGAIN. I contacted uHaul support while this was going on to document my complaints and the awful mess in handling my move. The manager of the second location called me back and was rude, sleazy and shady as they come. He tried blaming the issue on one of his employees and proceeded to have the nerve to COMPLAIN TO ME about his employees "laziness" I was just like wow, seriously how is this guy a manager.

He then attempted to get ME to deal with the mess by offering to send a measly $100 voucher to give to the moving help guys to compensate them for the absolute mess created by uHaul. I said no I will not be getting involved, you need to compensate them accordingly it's not my issue to deal with. I prepaid for the moving help service and of course now I have 2 angry, irritated guys (with good reason) handling all of my possessions, they wanted to be paid for their time and this uHaul jerk was trying to pass it off on me and lie and tell me " they are going to attempt to charge you more for the time, so I will send you this big $100 voucher to give them ( rolls eyes).

I said naw bro I have a contract, nobody is charging ME anything more, the countless mistakes and negligence are all the responsibility and culpability of you &;amp;amp; uHaul alone. He didn't like that and continued to talk down to me attempting unsuccessfully to manipulate and conn me into handling HIS mistakes.

I later discovered FRAUD on my credit card that was used at that location THE NEXT DAY at gas stations all around the same area taking out cash off my card. I had to file disputes, and cancel my card as a result. Coincidence? I don't think so.

I believe this manager is engaging in fraud in partnership with these gas stations around his store. I have been in contact with the state attorney's office to INVESTIGATE uHAUL AND THIS MANAGER FOR FRAUD.

Back to the move...

They loaded the first box ( now 6 hours into this ordeal already) with my property just sitting on the street and I had to sit out there for hours upon end watching it waiting for them to return. They drove the first box back to uHaul and returned with a second box, they loaded it and were not finished until after 8pm causing us to miss our flight out and have to sit at the airport for 6 hours waiting for the next available flight which departed early the NEXT day.

I was told my boxes would be shipped out 3 days later, I made it clear to uHaul that I did not want my boxes anywhere near that location or shady manager. Then for the next 3 weeks EVERY SINGLE DAY I was told my boxes were being shipped out the next day and they were not.

Not until I was in contact with someone higher up did they actually get shipped. I then received my "contracts" AFTER the boxes were already in their possession, with the dates CHANGED FRAUDULENTLY to make it look like they were loaded a week AFTER when they actually were. Noteworthy to mention-I NEVER signed or agreed to ANY of the terms in said contract.

Uhaul then changed the delivery date to AFTER my move-in date and I had to spend another 2 weeks getting that resolved. We were hoping this was the end to our nightmare and that soon I would receive my possessions in Florida and we could put this nightmare behind us.

Nope. On the day of the scheduled delivery after I confirmed 3 separate times that my boxes were ready to be picked up and loaded on schedule; the "moving help" guys arrived to pick up my uBoxes and they were once again NOT READY and still sitting in their warehouse 30 mins away. They tried to claim it was set for the following day, even though it was clearly listed as that day in my account on uHaul's own website. They had to wait 2 hours-because the " people in the warehouse were in a meeting for an hour" are you freaking joking me?

How a company this big can be this disorganized is beyond me. Finally they arrive 2.5 hours late. Upon arrival they go to open my boxes and the brand new padlock I had placed on one of the boxes had been maliciously and obviously tampered with to the extend that the metal on the lock was BENT and the plastic casing ripped making it IMPOSSIBLE to open with my key. Again I was having a panic attack, after the first experience loading and receiving the box with someone else's property and the subsequent FRAUD on my credit card and the all in all totally shady manager of that uhaul location it was obvious they had maliciously tampered with the lock to make it impossible to open.

These guys then told me that I would have to pay $150 to have a locksmith come out and use bolt cutters to break the lock off, are you freaking joking me? I said I don't think so, tell the uHaul store to send someone out to deal with this. They spent the next hour complaining to me about how much time this was costing them, they said they could unload the one box and because it was already late in the day, they would have to return the box with the tampered with lock back to the uHaul facility and get me to sign off on them using bolt cutters to cut it off and then return THE NEXT DAY to unload it. I said no I don't think so, that lock needs to be cut off in my presence as I do not tryst a single person that works for or with uHaul at this point We then spent an hour on the phone with uhaul once again going over the mess they created, we were told they were sending us $200 in vouchers to begin with ( that NEVER HAPPENED) then they finally sent a guy from the store out to cut the lock off.

They unloaded and not surprisingly I had countless damaged and destroyed items, mirrors, to entertainment stands, shelving units, my bed, irreplaceable art pieces, one of a kind wedding gifts imported from Italy destroyed. The bottom of a lot of my boxes were wet, and the tops ripped and destroyed. Glassware, crystal, my flat screen TV, speakers ALL damaged. Mattress and boxspring ripped, my dresser with huge gouges and scratches, cracked legs making it useless, stainless garbage can bent beyond recognition, office desk and chair destroyed, 2 tall floor fans cracked and broken and more.

So I essentially paid $4k to be treated like garbage, be the victim of CC fraud, have my property mishandled, damaged and/or destroyed.

I am currently exploring my legal options in filing a lawsuit against uhaul for damages, missed flights, emotional distress, credit card fraud and the list goes on.

In the meantime, I have tried to file a claim with the JOKE of an insurance company REPWEST who's website conveniently lets you go through the entire process of submitting all the info for my claim only to receive an error message when trying to submit it. I have now attempted to submit my claim over 15 times with the same "error" They don't respond to messages and just give you the runaround.

I want a full refund from uHaul and a full payout from Repwest for the damages sustained...it won't even come close to covering the damages they caused, but it's a start.

I am warning you Do NOT use uHaul for ANY service...just google reviews...look at trust pilot and dig around you will find the COUNTLESS complaints from people who also had nightmare experiences with uHaul and then the runaround when trying to file a claim for damages with this scam and equally useless company REPWEST. Who I will file a claim for bad faith if they do not pay out on my claim.

FYI uHaul &;amp;amp; REPWEST. This isn't my first rodeo, I had a car accident years back and fought and not only won FULL policy limits against my insurance company who was refusing to pay out on my claim, but I then turned around and filed a Bad Faith lawsuit and won a substantial amount on that as well.

that also. I will not tolerate being the pebble on the bottom of uHAul &; Repwest's corporate shoe.

I fulfilled my end of the contract, paid in full and DID NOT receive what I paid for - "gentle ride transit" is what uHaul calls their shipping service for uBoxes...what a joke! My property arrived looking like it had been through a tornado by the time it arrived. I also paid in full for the Safestore Mobile insurnace and you will not take my premium and then attempt to just ignore and deny paying out on my claim.

FULL refund and payout of my insurance claim is the minimum resolution I will accept from these companies.

Do yourself a favor, use Penske, Budget, Packrat, Pod's or ANY other company than uHaul...or just hire reputable movers.

If you use uHaul and uBox you WILL regret it. Trusatt me on that!!

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I wish I had did little more research because like you, I am at a loss of time, money and personal items!. The worst company in the US. Thy establish policies that no one in the company follows.

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