Edmonton, Alberta

I booked a truck from U-haul three weeks ahead. I called one day before the rental day.

They told me I have to pick up and drop off at another location which is three times further than the original one. I said how they could change the reservation without my consent. They said it was not available at that location. I asked why they told me it was available when I made the reservation.

They said they had no way to know if it was available or not at that time.

They asked me if I want it or not. I had no choice because all other locations are not availabe now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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Unfortunately for Uhaul we do not have an endless supply of trucks and vans available to rent people. We rely on you, the customer, to return our equpment to the proper location at the proper time but due to human error trucks get dropped off 20 miles away at the wrong place and people keep their trucks an extra day or two without calling to tell us so we are left out in the dark.

We have schedules of when trucks come in and who will get what truck but when someone doesn't show up with our equipment, we have nothing to give the customer. It is unfortunate that Uhaul doesn't have an instantaneous process by which we can go and retrieve our overdue trucks for you but there isn't a feasible way to do that. If someone doesn't show up then we can't rent it to you so we send you to the closest Uhaul that has a truck available. Our Guarantee is based on the customers guarantee that they will return our truck to us by the correct date and time but we honestly have no control over what equipment we have unless our customers bring it back.

I'm very sorry that you had to drive out of your way to get a truck and I'm sorry that your one-way truck could not be there for you. Next time you have to make a round trip instead of a one-way, ask the manager at the location for an allowance on miles so that the overall cost would be cheaper.


We booked the U-Haul online and given a confirmation number and pick-up location at 9am on a Saturday morning July 7, 2012. We were told to pick the U-Haul per our request for a one-way truck up at one location.

When we got there no trucks were in the yard nor did the lady have a reservation for us. She said this happens often and the local station is left with complaints from the customers. We had to call the field manager and he did nothing and was most invaluable or sympathetic to our needs. We needed the truck that day moving from one location to an out of town location and we were told that a U-Haul could be picked up at a total different location in Greensboro, NC at 2pm but we had to bring it back to that location after delivery to our out of town address.

Notice I said earlier it was a one-way which was to cost less and the total cost of the U-Haul after mileage to and fro was most exuberant.

What started to be a very successful U-Haul company has turned out to be a mass of swindlers. I am not happy at all with the way U-Haul now carries on it business and therefore suggest no one consider them for hire.