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I rented a vehicle for 1 day in August of this yr (2013), Sat. The man at the desk, I think he's the manager told me the drop off date would be on Mon.

morning no later than 8am. I told him that would be a problem considering I have work and start at 8:30a and I couldn't drop off the vehicle myself so I asked if I could have someone else drop it off instead, considering they were closed on Sun., I offered to drop it off and leave it in the pkg lot, they said no.. He said that was fine, telling me "don't worry we'll figure something out to work with you considering I am a good customer. Come to find out they charged my credit card $250 because someone else other then myself dropped off the vehicle, because I was unable too, dishonoring his word.

Then to top it off I called today to asked what the charges were for, but he wouldn't even let me talk, was very RUDE and kept reitering what the contract states. That no one is suppose to drive the vehicle besides myself, he wouldn't even let me explain our prior conversation, very disrespectful man.

Seems that when you go in he likes to take your money but then doesn't even care to work with you after. Needless to say "YOU HAVE LOST A GOOD CUSTOMER!", hopefully you'll honor your word when you say it in the future with other customers- (I spoke with the Manager himself and a young man who works there both at the same time, to confirm that there wouldn't be a problem when dropping off,, obviously if I knew I wouldn't done things different, they are deceiving and rude!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Customer Care.

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If this is true, you need to call the 1800 number because you were ripped off. I bet this was a dealer nit a corporate uhaul location. UHaul should never charge for an additional driver.


There is absolutely no fee or policy stating that a fee should be charged for a different driver. Any and all fees should be clearly stated on your contract/receipt.

It states how much you were charged and what you were charged for.

If you received ANY document claiming to be a receipt that does not clearly state this then you have been robbed and that person is acting outside of U-Haul's policy and procedure. Call the 1800 number and ask to speak with the MCP of the area you rented in and I guarantee that you wll be refunded if you truly were ripped off.