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Update by user Sep 09, 2013

After additional phone calls and emails with uhaul we have come to an agreement and I am happy with the solution they provided.

Original review posted by user Aug 22, 2013

I have recently rented a u-haul truck and had a miserable experience throughout the entire process. I have already filed a complaint through the customer service number and spoke with the manager of the pick up location. I am writing this because I am frustrated and unhappy the outcome. The following is an account of my rental and complaint.

I Started off picking up the truck at a different location than i had selected or the time expected. When I made the reservation no where did I see that the truck may not be available at my preferred location. On our way to pick up the truck we passed at least 3 other uhaul locations traveling about 30 miles out of our way, adding at least $20 in additional fuel just to get to the pick up location and back.

After picking the truck up and getting it on the hi way we noticed a bad vibration. Being on the hiway and not finding an easy way to turn around, we stopped at one of the dealers we had previously passed believing the truck unsafe to drive. We asked about a different truck and they said there was no other 17' cross country trucks in town but they would look at it. After nearly 90min. He came back and said they had fixed it , though we believe they replaced a tire we don't know for sure what they did because he say specifically. We told him we felt that that there was something more wrong with the truck and he said it was just the tire and the trucks fine. We got back on the hi way and headed to my house to load it already nearly FOUR hours behind schedule. It still vibrated on the road, but not nearly as bad as before.

The first day on the road was uneventful, thankfully. The second day about 4 hours driving we blew the tread on one of the tires. After limping to a safe area and calling in we had to wait nearly 2 hours for the tire to be fixed. About 104 miles down the road we blew the the tread on a second tire. We waited only about an hour this time between calling in and waiting for the tire tech. But when the tech got there his compressor battery was dead, so we waited several minutes for him to figure that out before he could replace the tire. He removed his truck battery to swap it with the compressor battery, he didn't seem to have the correct tools for the job. So it was a total of nearly 2 more hours before we could get back on the road.

So at this point we've had 2 - 3 tires replaced depending on what was done at the second uhaul dealer. And we were behind schedule nearly 8 hours. Not to mention the added stress of driving the final leg wondering if yet another tire was going to blow. I have attached to this email pictures of the blown tread tires. The second has a wear pattern that should have been noticed during the routine inspection before we picked it up.

Now on to my experience though the customer service line. I called in after I dropped off the truck since the drop off location said he couldn't do anything. The representative I spoke to was very professional and polite. The took my account and said someone would be in contact with me within 48 hours. The 48 hours came and went an I heard nothing. I went out of town for a week but had my primary contact line with me. That week came and went and no contact. When I got back home I found out they had called the secondary number but didn't leave call back info, so I proceeded to call up the customer service number again. The representative pulled up the notes and said that the manager of the pickup location noted that he called twice, that went straight to voicemail, and emailed me. I had no voice mails from him nor did I receive an email. The customer service rep then gave me the managers name, email address and his shops phone number. I emailed him and got a response saying he would contact me later that afternoon after he checked the maintenance records. Call me crazy but shouldn't he have already checked those after he received the initial complaint? That afternoon came and went, no call. In fact 48 hours passed and nothing so I re emailed him and got a response shortly saying he would call at 9:30 central time to discus the matter. I get a missed call at 8:00 and he left a message. Didn't realize 9:30 mention 8:00. I finally get a hold of him and the only compensation he offers me is a total of $200. $150 for the road issues and stress and $50 for the extra driving to pick up the truck. So 3 tires + major stress+ 8 extra hours of my time = $200. That's only about 16% of the total rental fee. Lets recap 50% of the tires and a full driving day shot and I only get 16% back. I feel after the stress and hassle I should get a full refund.

I don't expect anything else to happen or even get an additional reply from the company but I needed to pass on my saga for someone else to read. I don't expect to use U-haul in the future, nor will I recommend u-haul to anybody after this experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I too had a bad experience with Uhaul. incompetent Nashville uhaul staff causes CEO to delay trip #uhaul @uhaul